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Kelly's Is Hosting Pitt's Game Watch, This Is Why I'm A Maloney's Guy

I don't even really known what to say to this other than the fact that Kelly's are now OFFICIALLY TRAITORS to the Villanova community. Why, you ask? Oh, they are just hosting the Official Pittsburgh Philly Chapter GameWatch.

Not only do they think they'll be more profitable locking down a Game Watch then just letting people come in to watch the Big East Game of the Year, they're turning their backs on Villanova by formally inviting Pitt inside! Making matters worse, the owner is a Villanova alum. For shame.

Note to Villanova alumni, students, and faculty everywhere around the world. When you find yourself back for a visit and you need to wet your whistle,keep walking down Lacnaster and head up the street to Maloney's. If you weren't already a Maloney's guy/gal - you are now.

I can't speak for everyone, but they won't be seeing me probably ever again. Way to alienate your base.