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JayVaughn Pinkston Trial Update

Suspended Villanova Wildcats freshman basketball player JayVaughn Pinkston is scheduled to be arraigned in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court today, but has waived his right to be present at the hearing.

The only thing of significance here is that one count of simple assault has already been been dropped by the Judge at a hearing on January 31st, because the 2 men pressing charges could not get their stories straight when brought in separately by the Judge. Pinkston's attorney called the testimonies, "markedly different."

Famiglio (Pinkston's attorney) said a pretrial conference has been scheduled for May 4. He said that although the case still could go to trial, there could be other non-trial options such as accelerated rehabilitative disposition, which allows a first offender to have charges dismissed after successful completion of a program.

A conviction on the simple assault charge carries a maximum of two years in prison.

...Frankly I'm not shocked to hear they couldn't get their stories straight since I myself have heard multiple versions of this...sounds like everyone was drunk...what baffles me is why Pinkston's attorney didn't immediately move for a complete dismissal of the case?...

...Here's hoping this turns into a plea situation, a trial is avoided, and JVP is back at 'Nova for next year...