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Duke Gets Blown Out In Sweet 16, Shades Of Villanova Present

I'll tell ya what - what a freaking night of college basketball! And Villanova was in no way, shape or form present - unless you want to count the ghosts that were present in Anaheim, CA as Arizona curb-stomped Duke to lock up a date with the Connecticut Huskies in the Elite 8.

I'm definitely not a fan of Duke, but I don't consider myself a "Duke hater" by any stretch. I generally just don't like the way they play basketball. A lot of theatrics and diving and if we're being totally honest, yes, they do get a favorable whistle most of the time. Hard to pull for a team like that.

So it was beautiful two years ago when Villanova put them to the sword in Boston, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching that again last night in California.

The real story last night for me was Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lamb, who once again put their team on their collective back to continue their incredible late-season run. What more can you say about these two? Lamb has been incredible in his freshman year, and quite honestly, I just love the way he plays. He can shoot it from deep, play defense, and he's got a great mid-range game which features perhaps the best floater in all of basketball.

Kemba? Don't bet against him. Just sayin'.