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Latest 'Nova Rumor Untrue, Dom Cheek Not Transferring

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We haven't publicly addressed this until now, but rumours have been abound the last few weeks about the future of Villanova Wildcats guard Dominic Cheek. Message boards and Twitter were full of fans discussing the possible transfer of Cheek this offseason.

To make matters worse, when Daniel Ochefu committed to Villanova some were using it as fuel to the fire considering right now, the 'Cats don't have an open scholarship for when Ochefu arrives unless somebody leaves early.

One other nothing that was considered was the possible departure of Maalik Wayns from Villanova to the NBA draft after Jeff Goodman from FOX tweeted that Wayns might enter the draft early despite just completing what some would consider a below-average (for the ridiculous expectations we put on him) sophomore season.

But the above tweet from Dom last night should clear up those rumours about him for the moment as Villanova attempts to regroup for next season.