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Former Villanova Player Will Sheridan Releases Music Video

I feel like this was news last week - but I was away in Las Vegas and between that trip and the football non-sense, this is the first moment I've had to truly devote the proper time that this deserves. Former Villanova big man Will Sheridan, always on the artsy side from my experiences with him on campus, has released a music video titled Welcome To The Jungle.

The first time I watched this, it was without sound (with me being at work and without headphones). And it was phenomenal. I mean, just trying to imagine what the music was like with that video was worth all 4 minutes.

Then I locked myself in a conference room and that's when the real fun started. I could have never imagined the music that ensued

As _TheDream just told me - assuming all goes well with football, the team has to run out of the tunnel to this jam at least once. At least.