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JayVaughn Pinkston Trial Set For May 25th

Villanova's suspended freshman JayVaughn Pinkston looks set for a May trial in his case of alleged assault. In late March, Pinkston was arraigned in Montgomery County Court, where it was learned that one count of simple assault had already been dropped. As of now, the trial will begin on May 25th, 2011.

In case you're new to this story, back in November of 2010 The Nova Blog was the first to report the off-campus incident where Pinkston allegedly struck two Villanova students causing them to be taken to the hosptial.

While full details are still not available, it's been suggested that Pinkston was locked in a laundry room against his will by members of a Villanova fraternity, and this incident led to the ensuing fight.

Pinkston was suspended for the entire school year by Villanova, but is eligible to return next year.

If convicted on the remaining count of simple assault and two counts of harassment, Pinkston could face up to 2 years in prison.