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Villanova's March Football Pitch To Big East Didn't Go Well

More details are beginning to surface in the Villanova-Big East football saga - and the picture is becoming more and more clear that lines of communication between Villanova and the Big East conference have been terrible. According to a report in the Philadelphia Daily News, Villanova's March pitch to the Big East "didn't go well."

In fairness to Villanova - things appeared to change when TCU was added to the Big East as an all-sport member. Prior to that day, Villanova was the #1 choice for the Big East in terms of adding another football member. But when the existing members voted the Horned Frogs in, it was a home run for the football schools, and their focus shifted from Villanova to other options.

Essentially, the Big East switched their view on Villanova from "we really want you" to "show us why we should take you." But from all accounts, this was never made clear to Villanova. So they entered that March meeting with more of a "here's how we're going to make it happen" approach when they should have been really trying to sell themselves to the Big East - and not just from a stadium perspective, but also showing the conference how excited they were to join.

So June 1st is now the new deadline - and while this thing isn't dead, there is still work to be done. That falls primarily on the shoulders of Father Peter Donohue. The donors have promised money, the alumni and student body are excited, and now that excitement needs to penetrate through the schools primary leader.

So for those of you keeping score at home - there are now two things that must happen. The stadium plans need to be a bit more tied up, and the school's administration needs to convince the Big East they aren't just joining to join, but that they're excited to join and compete at a high level.