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West Virginia AD Oliver Luck Talks Big East Expansion & Villanova

West Virginia Athletic Director Oliver Luck broke the silence tonight on the possible Big East Expansion, pretty much confirmed what everybody thought about Villanova's potential move to the conference in football. Luck was a guest on MetroNews Statewide Sportsline tonight and put a few things out there. You can listen to the audio at the link above.

"There are two sort of questions I think that people have," Luck said.  "One is really what are the facilities that Villanova is able to use and how do those fit into the Big East with what we have now with our football schools.  Are those really at a level that are BCS, automatic qualifier appropriate for a conference like ours?  I think that's the first question and obviously the conference didn't feel quite comfortable with all the information regarding what I would call the infrastructure question."

In case you're having trouble reading through all that - he's basically saying that Villanova isn't big-time enough for the big bad, Big East football conference. But Luck wasn't done there.

"When we talk about adding a 10th member, the question is what does that 10th member bring and what are the other options, quite honestly," Luck continued. "It's sort of like buying a car, you don't go and just look at one model.  You look around and say what are the different options, what are the different prices, and what are the plusses and minuses?  I think a lot of schools were interested in having a better sense of what other possibilities would be out there."

Once again, he's pretty much saying Villanova doesn't bring a lot, and that people think a school like UCF or Houston could do a lot more for the conference.

None of that is really news to anyone who's been following this travesty closely, but it does confirm the notion that there are definitely schools out there (West Virginia included) that are NOT in favor Villanova's move.