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NFL Mock Draft Round 2: Ben Ijalana To The New England Patriots

SB Nation's NFL Draft team has been doing a phenomenal job with coverage so far - and if you missed it last night, Round 1 of the 2011 NFL Draft was crazy. Players falling, teams reaching for players, and my beloved New York Giants snagging Prince Amukamara in an inexplicable turn of events. So stoked about that.

Which leaves us with Villanova's Ben Ijalana. Most were projecting him to be available after the 1st round ended, and they were correct. SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL Round 2 Mock Draft has Ijalana going #60 overall to the New England Patriots.

This would obviously be a great spot to land for the 'Nova product as the Pats (as much as I hate them) run a great organization and he'd have the opportunity to play in front of future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady.

We know there are a lot of teams looking for offensive lineman - notably the Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins & Pittsburgh Steelers in addition to the Patriots - so don't be surprised to see a team trade up if they feel Ijalana will go before their pick. As the mock mentions, he's got an elite-level ceiling at guard, and will be a hot commodity when the draft continues.

...I'm still hoping Ijalana ends up with the Giants, but if Ayers is still on the board for the G-Men, as a fan I'd be hard-pressed to say that'd be a bad pick...