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Corey Fisher Is Working Out For The Indiana Pacers

Former Villanova Wildcats point guard Corey Fisher will be visiting the Indiana Pacers on Thursday May 26th, 2011, according to the team's official Twitter account. Corey Fisher had previously notably worked out at at The Portsmouth Invitational along with former teammate Corey Stokes.

Fisher was notably excluded from the official 2011 NBA Combine invitation list, which took place May 18-22nd in Chicago, IL.

The Pacers will also be bring in the following players on Thursday for workouts:

The Pacers have the 15th pick in this year's NBA draft, so it's very unlikely they are looking at Fisher as a potential pick there (especially with players like Selby and Morris there as well). If drafted, Fisher will most likely be a 2nd round pick.

This is the first time I've seen Fisher's name listed for a specific team, so it's good to see him getting the chance as we get closer to the draft.

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