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Villanova Football & Big East In A Holding Pattern

It's been so quiet on the Villanova football and Big East expansion front since the conference jumped the gun on Villanova's vote to move up and blocked a potential yes decision. Heck, I bet you almost forgot all of this was still going on. And the latest news, well, isn't exactly news.

Mike Jensen's piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer today tells us that there is no news - and to not expect any in the coming weeks.

If you listen closely, the sound you hear around Villanova's campus is the grinding of brakes.

That's what appears to be going on right now in the dance between Villanova football and the Big East. On Friday, I talked to somebody in the Big East, somebody in a position to know a few things, and he used the words "holding pattern" to describe the current state of affairs.

Which is to say it sounds like those schools who weren't in favor of 'Nova joining the ranks still aren't. 'Nova continues to work with PPL Park to finalize expansion plans, but that may still not be enough to appease some members.

In any case, it looks like barring a ferocious turn of events, this saga is going to extend into the summer, meaning that Villanova's move up will most likely be pushed back a year into the 2nd half of the decade. Disappointing to say the least.