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Louisville AD Tom Jurich Backs Villanova For Big East Expansion

There's a very interesting article in the Louisville Courier-Journal today talking about the potential Big East expansion, and even better yet, the possibility that Villanova makes the upgrade to FBS football and joins the conference as a football member.

Most telling is the quote from Louisville Cardinals Athletic Director Tom Jurich, who appears to be completely backing the Villanova Wildcats for membership.

"They're already in the footprint of our league, and they've got a history with this league and done a lot of great things," Jurich said. "For them, a lot of it is going to be logistics. ... Villanova is a strong program right now. There's a strong argument that they could finish in the middle of our league right now, at 63 scholarships."

Thanks Tom - we agree! We're not delusional. We're an FCS program. But we're a damn good FCS program. We're not going to come into the league and get run off the field by 50+ points every week.

It's really encouraging to see this type of support - especially after other AD's have been publicly throwing Villanova under the bus.

I don't think we're any closer to a decision, but some of the other quotes in that article (check out the one from John Marinatto) do show that the Big East realizes it needs to get moving.