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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft: 5 Rounds Complete

Missed the story on the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Project? Check here and here.

We have completed the first 5 rounds of the draft, and (SHOCK!) we finally got some conference names as well. My favorite so far - House of 1000 Sanctions which stuck to their namesake when selecting USC and Tennessee. Nifty table courtesy of Cowboys Ride For Free.

The 12 Pack Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Team Speed Kills Conference TMZ House of 1000 Sanctions Cult of Les Miles
1 Texas Florida Alabama Ohio State USC LSU
2 Georgia Penn State Oklahoma Florida State Notre Dame Michigan
3 UCLA Virginia Tech Nebraska Louisville Oregon North Carolina
4 Wisconsin Miami Texas A&M Michigan State Tennessee Stanford
5 Washington Auburn Arizona West Virginia Syracuse Arkansas

We've gotten past the point of the football circle-jerk, so it seems anyways and we're starting to see some schools more well known for their basketball (Louisville, Syracuse, North Carolina) pop up on the board. I don't think we're anywhere near a Villanova selection yet, but hey, there are at least 7 rounds left and I'm not going to give up hope that we sneak in at the end.

Why should you select Villanova? We lead the Big East in National Titles across all sports excluding kinda-fake members Notre Dame, so we've got a great athletics program. We've also got the Philly market. I swear, people pay attention to college sports (especially college basketball) in Philadelphia.

Oh yeah, and we're working our asses up to move up to FBS football. Hell, Villanova has already locked down a game at PPL Park next year that will serve as a major test-run for a potential move-up.

And what about those co-eds? Nobody ever complained at Villanova.

So yeah, pick us! PICK US!