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Savon Goodman Named Top 3 Defender/Rebounder At Kevin Durant Skills Academy

Future Villanova Wildcats guard/forward Savon Goodman recently participated in the Kevin Durant Skills Academy, another big camp on the basketball summer circuit. ESPN analysts Reggie Rankin and John Stovall named Savon Goodman as one of the 3 best defenders/rebounders at the camp.

Goodman is a strong and physical forward who is a short distance slasher and finisher through contact, but he got our attention with his work on the glass. He rebounds with power in and out of his area on both ends. He is aggressive and quick to the ball. His desire, as well as his physical gifts, make him a terrific rebounder. He is also a very capable multiple position defender with the proper coaching on distance and angles. Goodman brings toughness and a great motor to floor every time we have seen him and the blue-collar forward is a guy you want in your corner. Goodman is loaded with potential and when his skills catch up, watch out.

It was also mentioned that Goodman was one of a host of players whose energy cannot be questioned on either end of the floor. Sounds like a bring-your-lunch-pail type of guy - exactly my kind of player. Goodman committed to Villanova in late November of 2010.

You'll remember earlier this week that Ryan Arcidiacono was named a top-3 scorer at the Deron Williams Skills Academy. It's been a good week for the future Wildcats.