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Corey Fisher Impresses New Jersey Nets In Draft Workout

Former Villanova Wildcats star Corey Fisher is in the midst of working out for several teams in the weeks leading up to the 2011 NBA Draft, and on Tuesday worked out for the New Jersey Nets, and impressed General Manager Billy King acccording to ESPN New York.

"Corey had a great career and knows how to play," said King, who saw Fisher play regularly when he was the general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. "He's a tough kid who knows how to compete. He definitely has the body to play in the NBA. Physically, his size won't hurt him. I just wanted to see if he could compete and he can."

Fisher has finished 7 workouts and has 5 more workouts remaining, including one on Wednesday for the New York Knicks. Fisher knows that he has work to do if he wants to be drafted on June 23rd.

"I have to prove that I have what it takes to be an NBA player," said Fisher, who is listed a 6-foot-1 but might not be that tall. "Like everyone else here, I'm chasing the dream. Since I'm a real small guard, I have to work harder than anyone else. I just have to bring it at each one of these workouts. I have to prove myself everyday."

The story also has quotes from Fisher about his relationship with Scottie Reynolds, and what he's learned from him since Reynolds went through the exact same process last year.