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Doug West Returning To Villanova As Assistant Coach

Mike Kern of the Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that Doug West is returning to Villanova as an assistant coach for the coming season after a 1-year absence where West pursued a business venture outside of basketball. The former player and coach for the Villanova Wildcats served 3 years under Jay Wright prior to leaving.

West is also the Wildcats 5th all-time leading scorer with 2,037 points from 1985-1989.

Earlier this offseason Jay Wright welcomed back Billy Lange from Navy. Lange replaces Chris Walker, who joined Billy Gillespie at Texas Tech.

Jason Donnelly, a 6-year assistant under Wright, will remain on staff, as will Keith Urgo who was moved up to assistant last season after spending 3 years as director of basketball operations. Sources are indicating however that some assignments will be shifted to welcome back both Doug West and Billy Lange.

The official announcement from the school should be coming sometime this week.