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Corey Stokes Arrested In Bar Fight

Former Villanova Wildcats guard Corey Stokes was arrested for his part in a bar fight in Hoboken, NJ early Thursday morning. Also charged were Keith McGrath and Derrel Williams, both from Bayonne, NJ like Stokes.

Stokes made his first appearance on two counts of aggravated assault on Friday afternoon in Jersey City. According to the reports, this doesn't sound good and there doesn't appear to be any ambiguity.

The incident occurred early Thursday morning at One Hudson Place in Hoboken, where the defendants "did punch and kick (one victim) about the head and body. This did cause a fractured jaw and require surgery," the complaints say. "The victim lost consciousness and was assaulted while unconscious on the ground," the complaints say.

The complaints said the men punched and kicked a second man about the head and body, causing injuries such as lacerations above both eyebrows, inside his lower lip and in the back of his head. He also lost consciousness and was assaulted while on the ground, the complaints say.

Stokes and the other alleged attackers are being held on $20,000 bond a piece, and have been remanded to Hudson County jail.

...Yikes, that's all I can say right now...