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Morning Cup O' Mud: Dom Cheek Praise, 'Nova Tracking 7-Footer

I'm not shy to say that if you consider the expectations, Dominic Cheek had a pretty forgettable first couple of seasons on the Main Line. The most frustrating part - the talent is clearly there. It can come out in bunches. But all too often it does a disappearing act for games at a time.

With the loss of Corey Fisher and Corey Stokes, Cheek is going to be relied upon pretty heavily this upcoming season. Swoosh Nation agrees.

Impact Juniors For 2011-12 | Swoosh Nation
The time has come for Cheek to step up and fill his potential. Fellow backcourt mates Corey Fisher and Corey Stokes have moved on, and Cheek will be called upon to help fill the void.

Adam Zagoria is reporting that Villanova is taking a long look at 7-foot prospect Pascal Chukwu who goes to high school at Trinity Catholic in CT (the same school that produced former UConn guard Craig Austrie and Duke forward Dave McClure). We haven't had a 7-footer since Chris Charles. Here's a longer article on Chukwu, also from Zags.

More news from around the Big East after The Jump.

Great Expectations for Louisville Basketball in 2011, but is it Final Four or Bust? | Card Chronicle
The team that will take the floor for the University of Louisville when the season finally begins (in Hinkle Field House this November), will be the team we were told to wait for ever since the the dust began to settle from the trial, and Coach Pitino spoke to a group of fans and media at the tip-off luncheon from hell.

Pitt Basketball Summer Buzz | Cardiac Hill takes a look at the Panthers and how they'll do in the upcoming season.

Notre Dame/Tulsa: The "Smoke" - One Foot Down
One Foot Down takes a look at a play that ND ran last season called 'Smoke.'

Rich Rodriguez Finds A Job | The Smoking Musket
Scene: The Pro-Am golf tournament at The Greenbrier. Dave Alvarez is talking with his caddy.

When Jim Calhoun says he doesn't want to see anyone get fired, he probably means he wants to see Jeff Hathaway get fired | The UConn Blog
Jim Calhoun responds to claims that he wants Jeff Hathaway fired.

USF Football's David Bedford and Kevin Gidrey Sign As Undrafted Free Agents - Voodoo Five
Some more good news out there for two more former USF players, as DE David Bedford and FB/TE Kevin Gidrey have latched on with the Indianapolis Colts and the Washington Redskins respectively.