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JayVaughn Pinkston Hoping To Avoid Trial For Assault Charge

James Famiglio, the attorney for Villanova forward JayVaughn Pinkston spoke with the Philadelphia Daily News and sounded optomistic that Pinkston may be able to avoid a trial for the simple assault charge he faces for his actions at a Villanova fraternity party prior to last season.

"We could still go to trial," Famiglio said. "We can weigh the options. But a compromise may be in the best interests of all parties at this point. In light of the charges, the sanctions and penalties from Villanova were extremely severe. We're hoping the DA will realize that and reach a satisfactory agreement. We're just waiting to hear."

Pinkston was involved in a fight that was first reported by The Nova Blog, and resulted in Pinkston being suspended from Villanova for the entire year.

Pinkston's attorney has filed an application for the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, and news could come as soon as Monday on whether the Montgomery County District Attorney's office will accept the application.

If he is accepted into the ARD program, Pinkston would serve a probationary period of up to a year, and likely would be required to perform community service. Upon Pinkston's completion of the program, the charge of simple assault would be dropped.