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Morning Cup O' Mud: Temple Coaches Deny Big East Claims

Not much going on in the Villanova world during the basketball/football offseason, so I figured we'd start doing a daily links post here where we explore what our conference bretheren are up to in the down time.

The big story over the weekend were reports that Temple was telling football recruits that they'd be moving up to the Big East soon.

A New Turn In The Temple/Big East "Story" | Fact On Villanova Sports
Some Temple recruits had been telling the media that they have been told by the coaching staff that Temple would be moving to the Big East. The coaching staff is denying it.

My own feelings are that all coaches are going to do whatever it takes to recruit a kid. Not everyone lies, but it happens a lot. Non-story right now for me. We know Temple would love the Big East, but is the feeling mutual?

In more direct Villanova news, James Bell and the USA U19 team are undefeated so far at the FIBA World Championships. Bell and company beat Lithuania today and take on Croatia next.

USA takes Lithuania in OT |
James Bell and his USA teammates blew a late lead, but rallied in overtime to beat Lithuania. Bell had 2 points and 3 rebounds in 14 minutes of action.

More links after The Jump.

Kris Joseph: 'The Team Will Go As Far As Scoop And I Take Them' |Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Sean has an interview up with Kris Joseph who talks about how he and Scoop Jardine are ready to step up as leaders of the Orange.

Farewell: Ending the Raking Life | Rakes Of Mallow
CW says goodbye to Rakes of Mallow and tells fans where they can find their Notre Dame coverage in the future.

Pre-Camp Position Outlook: Wide Receiver | Down The Drive
Matt Opper takes a look at the Cincinnati Bearcats pre-camp wide receiver position outlook.

Eight Big East Players on Maxwell and Bednarik Award Watch Lists | Big East Coast Bias
Big East Coast Bias has the official watch lists from the Football Writers Association of America for the Maxwell Award and the Maxwell Award. The Maxwell Award honors "the nation's most outstanding football player" while the Bednarik Award is given to "the nation's most outstanding defensive football player". Four Big East players were nominated for each of the awards.

Who Needs To Be Bolder To Follow Jimmy Butler To The Association? | Anonymous Eagle
Marquette's had two straight NBA Drafts with a first round pick. Can a current Golden Eagle make it three in a row? Rubie Q examines the possibility.

University of Illinois’ Lack of Class Opens the Door for DePaul | Blue Demons Lair
Jonathan from BDL thinks that a perceived lack of class and quality from Illinois creates a possibility for DePaul to increase it's presence in the area.