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Darrel Young Named Starter At Fullback For Washington Redskins

Former Villanova Wildcats football LB Darrel Young appears to have successfully undergone a position change, as he's been named #1 on the first depth chart of the season. Former starter Mike Sellers is still with the team, but has converted to tight end, as well as playing some H-back for the 'Skins.

"It’s a dream come true, but I'm still learning," Young said after a recent training camp practice. "Mike is still teaching me a lot even though he's moved to tight end right now. It's just the process of learning right now."

Coach Mike Shanahan appears to love Young's ability as well.

"Darrel is a very smart kid. He is a very dedicated guy and when I looked at him on film I thought he was a great hitter...He has done a good job for us. He's getting better every day."

This is great for Darrel - he was a stud at 'Nova and it's great to see him successfully undergo a position change at the pro level (something you almost never hear). More quotes from Young after The Jump.

On what he believes he needs work on:

"Just understanding the flow of the line, and reading gaps – reading what's going on in front of me," he said. "Football will be football at the end of the day, but when it starts happening, it's just adjusting to that part of the game."

On how he loves to hit people:

"It's always fun to initiate contact, that's the best part," he said with a smile. "Lead blocking on a linebacker, versus him and I in space? We'll see who's tougher."