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Villanova vs. The Netherlands: EuroJam Game Thread

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The Villanova Wildcats defeated Israel 94-92 in the opening game of EuroJam 2011 yesterday. (Video Highlights) Today, they'll face The Netherlands at 2 p.m. ET. Like yesterday, we'll transcribe all updates in the comments section if you aren't on Twitter.

Dominic Cheek and Mouphtaou Yarou were the stars yesterday for Villanova - and they'll likely need to stand out again today. Yarou and the rest of the Wildcats frontline should have their hands full against the Dutch, who will feature NBA players Dan Gadzuric and Francisco Elson.

The Dutch are not a very high ranked team by FIBA - but this will still be a stiff test for 'Nova. However, after yesterday's performance, the expectations have been raised a bit with some solid play from the team.