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John Marinatto Reaches Out To Big 12, ACC About Conference Expansion

A report in yesterday's New Jersey Star-Ledger says that Big East conference commissioner John Marinatto has reached out to the heads of the Big 12 conference (Dan Beebe) and ACC (John Swofford) about the conference re-alignment that is hanging over everyone's heads (particularly the Big East).

Marinatto was obviously vague (what, you expected him to come out with it all after this whole mess?) regarding the discussions.

"I thought it would be important for us to meet face-to-face and take the lead in trying to do things the right way."

Oh, you did? I'm sick of this guy. According the Star-Ledger, Marinatto has also reached out to NCAA commissioner Mark Emmert, because apparently he needs all the help he can get to sort out the Big East's future. This bit absolutely killed me.

The NCAA president doesn't have the power to stop schools from changing conferences and Marinatto pointed out that Emmert's involvement would likely be limited by potential legal issues such as restriction of trade and antitrust laws.

So Marinatto is now in such an unknown place with this whole issue that he's reaching out to a guy who he admittedly knows cannot help him.

What I'm taking from this article is that these 3 conference commissioners are at least being smart. By laying the cards on the table, it could help lead the way towards and amicable solution for everyone.

We know that 'Nova would probably jump at the chance to join the ACC after what the Big East has put them through on the football front - and with the rumours swirling that the ACC could lose a couple of teams to the SEC, they might be in the market for some new schools down the line.