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Morning Cup O' Mud: Big East Media Day Reveals A Few Things

Yesterday was the Big East's annual football media day, and while there wasn't much Villanova-related material to discuss, there were a few things happening that Wildcat fans should be aware of. Most telling to me? John Marinatto says that he wants to have the Big East expansion settled by 2012.

What that means for Villanova is anyone's guess - earlier we reported that Villanova recruit Stacey Bedell was saying that Villanova was going to announce an FBS move in September 2011. The latest word is that some Big East schools want to get to 12 football schools so they can have a championship game. That makes sense, and I think that bodes well for Villanova joining as a football member as well.

VUHoops has a good breakdown of the possible expansion and how it relates to Villanova.

"Addressing" Expansion |
VUHoops breaks down the latest on the possible Big East expansion.

In related news - it appears that our friends in Western Pennsylvania are leading the charge to keep Villanova out of the conference as a football member.

Pitt Saying "No" to Nova? | Cardiac Hill
Is Pittsburgh saying No to Villanova football in the Big East?

This isn't new - but it's surprising to hear that they are leading the charge. Listen guys, we're a natural rival for you. We get that you have these grandiose dreams of renewing your rivalry with Penn State - and I get that, I really do. But unless you join the Big Ten Eleven Twelve (whatever number they're at these days), it ain't happening.

More news from around the conference after The Jump.

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