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Should College Athletes Be Allowed To Use Twitter?

Social media has become a worldwide phenomenon over the last decade.  Whether it's MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc., it seems that anyone and everyone is involved in some sort of medium to display their thoughts to the world.  The idea is appealing on the surface for some, and obviously, the profits generated from these creations have been astronomical. 

As a result, they are not going away anytime soon, but unfortunately, social media is not always used for good intentions.  The number of malicious stories continues to increase on a daily basis, even though we only hear about the ones with people who are in the public eye. 

College athletes have had their fair share of problems with Twitter recently, including various players at Rutgers, Syracuse, Mississippi State to name a few.  With numerous athletes being suspended because of inappropriate comments on Twitter, has the time come to ban Twitter altogether for college programs? Jason King of Yahoo thinks so, and I can't say I disagree. 

Currently, a majority of the Villanova basketball program is involved in Twitter, including coach Jay Wright, Maalik Wayns, and Mouphtaou Yarou.  To my knowledge, nobody involved with the team has said anything inappropriate on their Twitter accounts, but why even allow this to possibly happen?  All it takes is one stupid comment, and a star player could be suspended, leaving the Wildcats in a huge hole.  I think King's closing lines to his article sum it up well.

Today’s college athletes went the first 16 to 20 years of their lives without using the website. They can go without it a little while longer.

What does everyone else think though in regards to college athletes, specifically the Villanova basketball team, being allowed to use Twitter?

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