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Our Little Brothers At St. Joe's Are Acting Out Again

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In case you missed it amongst all the hoopla over Villanova's Big East conference basketball schedule being released earlier today, there was in fact a murmur from our little brothers down the street at St. Joseph's (PA) (by the way the Hawk is still dead, don't let this news confuse you). More of a cry for attention in reality.

Dick Jerardi is reporting that the annual Holy War game between Villanova and St. Joe's (PA) will be played at Hagan Arena on the campus of St. Joe's for the very first time. The on-campus venue seats juts 4,200 people. I kid you not, that's a smidge larger than my high school gym.

Phil Martelli, who has constantly said that as long as he's the head coach of the Hoes that all Big 5 games will be played at The Palestra, appears desperate for some kind of gimmick to win back a fanbase that has watched the program deteriorate in recent seasons.

"This might get people's attention," Martelli said. "There's been a lot of discussion at the highest levels on campus about creating the buzz, getting the fervor and the fire back."

I'm all for on-campus games. They do create a great atmosphere for big games. But this isn't a big game. This is a lopsided rivalry that most Villanova fans (myself included) don't even care about anymore.

If you're lucky enough to get a ticket (and really, it'll be nearly impossible to do so) make sure you go to this game and enjoy the beatdown that ensues.

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