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Villanova vs. Senegal Game Thread

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Villanova basketball (the summer version) returns today when the Villanova Wildcats take on the Senegal national team in Paris, France as they prepare for EuroJam 2011. The game is scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. ET. There is no chance that this game is on TV or even on the internet most likely, but there is the chance that updates will be posted via Twitter.

Mike Sheridan Twitter

NovaAthletics Twitter

Plus, if you follow the usual 'Nova people out there, I'm sure somebody will be able to find something.

I'll be at a charity golf event during the game, so use this as your open thread to discuss anything related to the game as it happens, if you can find it. This is your task for the date - help out your 'Nova Nation get updates on the team!