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Final Score: Temple 42 , Villanova 7

We'll have a full recap in the morning, but here's what you need to know from tonight. Temple was much, much bigger, and it showed. Bernard Pierce ran it down our throats all night while Mike Gerardi used the play-action as well as anyone could have have to touch us up through the air.

On offense, Dustin Thomas looked very much like a freshman QB making his college debut. You can see the raw talent he possesses, but the game is moving very fast for him right now. He made some poor decisions and turned the ball over a bunch tonight. Oh, and Temple was bigger. Not much room to run.

As a team, we shot ourselves in the foot multiple times when we got deep into Temple territory. That obviously didn't help things.

Bottom line - this stunk. Nobody expected us to win, but nobody saw this kind of beatdown coming. Even though this was an FBS opponent, prep yourselves for a long year.

See you in the morning (Oh, and go to hell ESPN. Not only did you rake the immortal Bruce Feldman over the coals, but you lost the ESPN3 feed to our one game that you'll broadcast at the end of the 3rd. Thanks for nothing you jamokes).

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