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Chris Polony Will Start At QB Against Monmouth

True freshman Chris Polony will start at quarterback for Villanova in their home opener against Monmouth on Saturday, Andy Talley announced earlier today. Polony will step in for the injured Dustin Thomas, who sustained a shoulder injury over the weekend against Townsend.

Despite Polony being the more green choice over senior Christian Culicerto (who filled in when Thomas left the game on Saturday), Talley believes that he's serving the greater good by getting Polony some much-needed experience.

"We prepared Chris (Polony) as the backup, but decided to go with Christian to maintain his redshirt," Talley said. "With Christian being a senior and Chris a true freshman, it makes sense to get the young guy ready for the future. Christian did a great job, but we need to groom the young guy."

So much for the redshirt - but I do agree with Talley, Polony is part of the future, any game experience he can gain now great for the future, even if it does burn a redshirt.

Polony's classmate John Robertson didn't appear to get much consideration in this debate. So what does 'Nova Nation think? Is Polony the right call now or should the more experienced Culicerto have gotten the nod to try and get 'Nova in the win column? And what about John Robertson?

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