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Confirmed: Villanova Has Applied For ACC Membership

Nothing major (yet), and something we kind of knew already, but it is nice to hear an ACC official (better yet, the commissioner) come out and say that the ACC has been in contact with 10 additional schools, and a source confirming that Villanova did officially apply to join the ACC.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford said during a teleconference Sunday the league received more than 10 applications from schools hoping to join the league. Orlando Sentinel sources confirmed multiple Big East members applied to join the league, including Villanova.

When news first broke on Saturday that Pittsburgh and Syracuse were bolting for the ACC - the ACC confirmed that it had talked with 10 schools - but did not confirm whether Villanova was in that group. A source told us that Villanova had been in discussions with the ACC, but it's hard to take any of that seriously when we don't have an FBS football program (yet).

Right now, I think our best best of getting to the ACC would be joining with another basketball-only member (think St. John's or Georgetown) so that they wouldn't have to add more football but could continue to increase the value of their basketball product.

VUHoops reported on Saturday that Boston College Gene DiFilippo is in favor of adding Villanova to the ACC, so we have that going for us. If we're going on common sense as well, you'd imagine that BC would be against adding UConn (would split the New England market).

If there is one thing that this weekend's events showed, it's that the ACC does care about basketball. Syracuse and Pitt are okay football programs, but they are phenomenal basketball programs. That's one of the big reasons the ACC wanted them.

Hopefully, they'll want Villanova as well, because the Big East's days are numbered.

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