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Former Commissioner Mike Tranghese Discusses Yet Another Big East Raid

Former Big East Commissioner, Mike Tranghese, was interviewed by Mike Francesa today on WFAN NY.  The discussion is very informative, and I highly suggest you take the time to listen to the podcast.  Below are some of the things that Tranghese said during the 27+ minute interview (I tried to get him word for word).  The last few quotes exemplify the true emotions that Tranghese is feeling. 

"It's a sickening feeling that the Big East is going through this on the day that Dave Gavitt (founder of the Big East) passed away."

"Dave got powerful people like John Thompson, Jim Boeheim, Lou Carnessecca, Rollie Massimino, and athletic directors to trust him."

"The NCAA has been about greed the last 2 decades, and it has turned into utter chaos right now."

More emotion from Tranghese after The Jump.

"I wasn't surprised by the decision for Syracuse and Pittsburgh to leave, but the timing is shocking."

"The Big East is in survival mode, but I still think it can be viable with some creativity."

"In the short term, the Big East needs to wait and see what happens with the Big 12."

"The winner when all is said and done may be the Big Ten, becuase they are keeping quiet and showing some respect."

"I think the ACC would love Texas and Notre Dame, but the duo of UConn and Rutgers doesn't add much."

"The ACC Tournament will never go to Madison Square Garden and quite frankly, I wanted to throw up when I heard that.  That was quite disrespectful for them to say."

"The last thing Jim Boeheim and Jim Calhoun want to do is coach in the ACC."

"I can say this because I don't give a damn anymore...we kicked their (ACC) butt in basketball over the last 10 years or so."

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