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Report: Big East, Big 12 discuss merger

The conference re-alignment stories just keep on coming.  The new story out there now is the possibility of the Big East and Big 12 joining forces in some capacity, which would help ease the sting of Syracuse and Pittsburgh leaving for the ACC.  Other reports are indicating Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 for a destination unknown, and UConn and Rutgers potentially making a bid for the ACC.  Jim Boeheim commented on these 2 schools early this morning. 

"I think UConn will be in the ACC, if I had to guess.  I think Rutgers could be."

With the Huskies and Scarlet Knights seemingly on their way out, and West Virginia looking at the SEC, the Big East is in complete desperation mode.  If they can somehow get some of the top dogs in the Big 12 (i.e. Kansas) to come on board, the conference may be able to survive.  All we know right now is that there are at least discussions of this happening, according to a anonymous source.

"Those conversations are alive and ongoing."

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