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Big East Expansion: Football Schools To Meet, Villanova Not Invited

UPDATE ( 4:50 p.m.) According to Mike Jensen of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Villanova will not be present at tonight's meeting of the football schools. They were told remaining, active football schools only. Gee, thanks guys!

UPDATE (3:20 p.m.) According to an ESPN Dallas source, Villanova is seeking an invite to tonight's meeting in New York. Thank God someone realized this was important.

Original Post:

According to an article in USA Today, the Big East athletic directors and presidents from the "football schools" are convening for a meeting Tuesday night in New York. The meeting will be to discuss the future of the conference and all available options for the members schools.

One of the Big East officials said the group will examine every option for every scenario and that they will be ready to act quickly should the opportunity present itself. The official cautioned that decisions made by the Big 12 -- league headliners Texas and Oklahoma are weighing their options, which include trying to keep that league together -- could alter things greatly.

TCU will be included in the meetings, although it is unclear whether Notre Dame will be involved (trust me, they will be).

Right now, Villanova is NOT involved in this meeting, which is disappointing on Villanova's end. They are still working with the Big East in an attempt to move up in football, so it's disappointing to see them not involved in this meeting (you know, BECAUSE THEY ARE AN OPTION!)

It appears the Villanova administration has fallen asleep at a critical time.

H/T: Big East Coast Bias

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