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Conference Realignment: UConn & Rutgers Did Not Pledge Allegiance To The Big East

Following last night's meeting in New York City that involved the presidents and athletic directors of the Big East's football schools, commissioner John Marinatto (by the way, a great parody Twitter account has surfaced) told the media that the representatives from each school pledged loyalty to the Big East, vowing to do what it took to keep the conference together.

Now, Connecticut officials are saying the Huskies made no such pledge, and also added that Rutgers did not either.

The officials, who asked that their names not be used because of the sensitive nature of the negotiations, denied that Connecticut and Rutgers agreed to stay in the conference during a three-hour meeting among Big East football members on Monday.

This isn't a surprise to anyone. Connecticut's president Susan Herbst didn't even attend the meeting (and neither did their acting AD). UConn has been shopping themselves ever since Syracuse and Pittsburgh left for the ACC, and Herbst's email that went out today did nothing to suggest otherwise.

I get UConn. They have a premier basketball program, are on the up in football (at least, we think they are), and have a definite brand name. They are definitely a target for the ACC. Rutgers is dreaming.

In other words, no new news if you have been following this diligently.