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Summer School: From NCAA Tourney, Villanova Lax Players Went Straight to Rome

The men's basketball team wasn't the only group of Wildcats to travel abroad this summer.  After the Villanova men's lacrosse squad lost to Denver in the first round of the NCAA Tournament back in early May, eight rising juniors took classes in Rome for university credit.  On the decision to spend his summer overseas, Will Casertano said,

"It was an opportunity for me to make up credits while have an incredible experience in a foreign country. It seemed like a no-brainer."

While school kept them busy, they were able to do many things that most people never have an opportunity to do, such as sightseeing all over Europe.  Of course, spending a few months with your teammates has its ups and downs.  Casertano commented on the living situation by saying,

"I had to learn how to live eight other guys, which at times was hard because we were all over each other, but overall, we had a blast. There were definitely times we wanted to kill each other fighting over stupid things, but I learned how to deal with that and be patient with everyone."

The Wildcats' camraderie should certainly be improved as a result of the trip, which can be a huge positive heading into fall ball.  The experience in Rome was once-in-a-lifetime, but the guys are happy to be back at school and starting up practice. 

 "I’m pumped to be going back. The start to school always creates good energy. Seeing all the guys and getting to know the freshmen will be fun." 

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