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Villanova vs. Towson: 3 Keys To Victory

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As we approach Saturday's homecoming game against Towson, here are 3 keys for the Villanova Wildcats as they look to stretch their winning streak to three games.

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1. Stop the run

Villanova is again facing a run-first team in Towson. The Tigers beat Villanova last season with a strong running game that gained over 200-yards on the ground and was able to set up a downfield passing game. This season, the Tigers average 392.7 rushing yards per game and around 200 passing. Quarterback Grant Enders has averaged over 6 yards per run this season and is a threat to take off as well as throw the ball. If reigning Jerry Rice Award winner Terrance West plays this week at tailback, the Tigers' running game will be at full-strength this weekend.

2. Don't let Enders get comfortable throwing the ball

Enders is an efficient passer who can get the ball downfield to his receivers. If he gets comfortable in the passing game, the Villanova secondary might have it's hands full covering the passing game. The Wildcats need to beat the offensive line to get into the backfield and make Enders sweat whenever he drops back. That could mean using four defensive linemen more often than normal, as the 'Cats did on their road trip to Old Dominion.

3. Run the ball

John Robertson has proven himself as a starting quarterback for Villanova over the last seven games. He will need to continue to complete key passes, but his main objective is likely to combine with Kevin Monangai and other tailbacks to move the chains on the ground. Towson is near the middle of the CAA pack in rushing defense, but has been much better against the pass this season. It won't be easy to get things going on the ground, but the Wildcats won't want to lean on the passing game to get things done in this one — the run-first strategy has worked well for Villanova this season, and against Towson they should stick to their game.