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Mr. Really is the Mayne Event

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Villanova football alumnus, Ross Ventrone (who goes by the pseudonym "Rusty Benson"), has been setting records this season in the NFL as a safety for the New England Patriots. Those records haven't been for tackles, interceptions or any other statistic earned on the field.

He has been involved in a whopping 21 transactions this season (starting in August) and all of them by the Patriots, who have signed, cut, re-signed, demoted and promoted the younger of two Ventrone brothers throughout the season. He gets paid well for his troubles, of course, but he rarely gets chances to see the field.

Ventrone is currently on the Patriots practice squad, but there is plenty of time for him to be cut and signed one more time before the Super Bowl.

On Sunday, he was the subject of the "Mayne Event" on ESPN's NFL Countdown. You can watch it below:

(h/t Fact on Nova Sports)