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Big East Tournament: USF/State of the Bracket

Villanova will play USF for the third time this season on Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. on ESPN. The 'Cats won their opening game in the Big East tournament in grand fashion, coming back from a 4-point half-time deficit to clobber Rutgers by 21 points. South Florida comes into the game with fresh legs, after earning a bye during the regular season.

USF was a big winner over an 18th-ranked Louisville team in their regular-season finale, and will be a tough out in Madison Square Garden. USF has a hot-streak on the Wildcats, winning each of their last three games and by double-digits in their most-recent meeting.

The key for Villanova is to find ways to stretch the USF defense and to win a tough rebounding battle. The match-ups inside are particularly difficult for Mouph Yarou, who will need help against a very strong front line. Mo Sutton has been more effective against the USF defense, providing a "speed" option for the Wildcats, and should see plenty of chances.

State of the Bracket