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Wright doesn't prefer television

AP Photo

"As much as I enjoyed it, I learned how much I love coaching," Jay Wright told about his experience covering the NCAA tournament for CBS. Wright worked in the Atlanta studios of CBS and the Turner Networks during the play-in rounds and second-round games on Thursday and Friday.

Wright said that he hoped that he wouldn't have the chance to work in the CBS studio again next year. He also worked in the CBS studios during last year's Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight rounds.

"I did it last year for CBS, for one day [after his team had been eliminated in the first round], but it was for the Sweet 16 weekend, so this was different," Wright said. "We went in there on Wednesday night for the play-in games and prelim shows, but Thursday and Friday was all day, from 11 until 1 in the morning. You never leave. You get breaks, but you watch games.

Every Big East head coach whose team wasn't playing in the postseason (there were 5 of them), is doing work in the television studio this month.