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Waiting for Amile

Duke came into the picture for Amile Jefferson late in the recruiting process and "messed him up" according to Dave Telep. Jefferson was speaking from the McDonald's All-American game in Chicago, where he scored 8 points, grabbed 3 rebounds, 2 steals and an assist. Most believe that Duke and NC State are Jefferson's leaders, but according to Telep Villanova also seems strong.

Kentucky and Ohio State are also hanging around the picture for Amile, and if you ask the Friends Central forward about Temple, he won't say they're out yet either. For Jefferson, it seems that he will keep waiting for the best offer.

Jefferson has supposedly been close to a decision a number of times, but ultimately he has strung along an ever-growing list of schools.

He cites academics when talking about his interest in schools like Duke, but college isn't purely an academic endeavor for the All American. Jefferson is picking a college where he can play, not warm the bench.

According to

So what is he waiting for?
Well, it might not be what … so much as who. People close to Jefferson say the Friends Central senior is waiting to see how some of the rosters shake out of the school’s he’s interested in, specifically North Carolina State and Duke.

Duke has had one notable player defect, Austin Rivers, a guard whose presence or absence has little impact on Jefferson's potential playing time. At N.C. State, Jefferson's decision will be influenced by whether or not C.J. Leslie returns for his junior season.

If players stay in place on the front lines at both Duke and N.C. State, there is a chance that Jefferson could look to one of the other schools on his expansive list.

When will we know? Mid- to late- April seems likely with the NCAA's deadline for entering the NBA draft coming up on April 10th and the NBA's deadline for registering on April 29th. Returning rosters for next season, and playing time that would come with them, will be much clearer by then.