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Confirmed: Lon Record leaving Nova

Villanova University posted a job listing for a men's and women's basketball strength and conditioning coach this morning. The position is "[r]esponsible for the supervision of the Davis Center weight room and all of the approved users to insure proper and safe usage of all equipment," and work with the sports medicine staff to develop a training program for the basketball athletes. It appears that the basketball strength and conditioning staff at Villanova is changing, but with a new face coming in, who is departing?

Multiple sources have indicated that Lon Record is the departing coach and would be heading to Illinois. He had been with the program since the 2006-07 season, and came to the program from FIU, where he worked with their football program. He has previously worked with the strength and conditioning staff at Notre Dame as well.

The new hire will also, "[p]rovide supervision, mentoring, training and direction to the Strength & Conditioning Intern staff as delegated by the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach." That indicates that this new hire would not be the head strength and conditioning coach.

Record reportedly made the decision to leave Nova for his family, and remains on good terms with the Villanova staff.

VUhoops reached out to Villanova media relations for an official statement on Lon Record.

"Lon has accepted another position in college athletics and will be completing his duties at Villanova at the end of this week," said VU spokesman Mike Sheridan.
Baker Dunleavy, who has been an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the past year, will remain with the program.

VUhoops will update the story as we learn more.