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A Short Pit Stop On the Way To 800 Lancaster Avenue

Mike Kern of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that "Villanova recruit Daniel Ochefu, a senior forward who came to this country from Nigeria, is no longer at the Westtown School. Sources confirmed that he has withdrawn following what has been described as a minor internal disciplinary action. Ochefu is now attending Downingtown East High, where it is expected he will soon graduate.The sources have indicated that Ochefu is still going to end up on the Main Line. Attempts to reach Ochefu were unsuccessful. Wildcats coach Jay Wright isn’t allowed to talk because of NCAA rules, and Westtown coach Seth Berger declined to comment."

There have been rumors about the nature of Ochofu's offense, but no official confirmation. However, Westtown's decision to expel a star athlete less than a month from graduation suggests the characterization of his transgression as "a minor internal disciplinary action" may have been a tad generous. ~ Hat tip to Gunner.