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Wayns' draft status

Mock NBA drafts place Maalik Wayns in the late second round (if at all), which means that if the annual run on semi-anonymous European prospects is quelled later this month, the Villanova point guard could be selected in the June 28th draft. Unless his draft stock has significantly improved during his workouts in the last few weeks, however, it is exceedingly likely that he will go unpicked in the 2-round draft. That fact apparently hasn't affected Wayns' confidence.

"I look at a couple of people they have [rated] in front of me, and I feel as though I’m as good or better than them," he told

"It's all about getting that one team to fall in love with you," he continued, summing up the reason behind his world-tour of workouts and combines leading up to the draft. So far, the lead guard has worked out for the Sixers, Rockets, Warriors and Clippers and attended a combine run by the Nets and attended by multiple teams around the league.

More workouts and showcases are coming up for Wayns, who figures to use every opportunity that he gets this Spring to get in front of league executives.

"I’ve been all over. But it’s a good experience. I think I’m improving in all areas. I’m shooting much better. I’ve changed my jumper. I’m shooting at the top of my release now. It’s a lot of things like that. It’s more about repetition. I’ve got more time on my hands, just being a professional. It seems like I’m in another place almost every day."

The reality is that it is just so much harder to make it in the NBA than it is to secure an All-Big East selection or a McDonalds All-American spot. Wayns has been talking to fellow Villanova alum and Philadelphian Kyle Lowry about his experience leaving the Main Line after two years to head to the NBA draft, where he was a first-round pick. He also has former UK one-and-done John Wall and Chauncey Billups on his speed-dial to talk about the challenges of competing for a spot in the pro-circuit.
Wayns claims that the feedback he has received from workouts has been largely positive so far. That could indicate that teams are interested in drafting him, or perhaps more likely that they want to build a relationship with the point guard to help recruit him for their summer league team as an undrafted free-agent after the draft concludes. Scottie Reynolds took that approach after going undrafted as a Senior, and was ultimately invited to the Phoenix Suns training camp before opting to take an ill-fated contract to play in Italy's second-divsion instead.