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Video: Wayns sinking five consecutive 3's


Villanova has always been good at teaching basketball players how to say the right things when talking to the media, and that is a skill that Maalik Wayns exhibits strongly in the above interview with He keeps things positive about his game and his experiences and sounds as much as an expert job-interviewee as a kid in his early 20's.

If one statement stands out, however, it was Wayns' assertion that he is naturally a pass-first point guard, but "had to score" for his college team. He might have felt comfortable saying that, since Jay Wright has made similar remarks, but it is certainly a sentence packed with truth. Where were the other scorers? Who could he rely on off-the-ball?

There are some clips of Wayns training for his NBA pre-draft workouts in the video, including one stretch where he makes about 5 consecutive three-point shots.

(hat-tip: Fact on Villanova Sports)