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Harrisons want to win a title

"The biggest thing is that I want to win a national championship," top-ranked 2013 point guard Andrew Harrison told the Courier-Journal about his recruitment.

Andrew has been doing the talking lately when it comes to interviews about the recruitment of himself and his brother, Aaron, who is also a top-5 recruit at shooting guard. The talented twins are looking to attend college together and have lately been naming Villanova among their top-4 choices, along with Maryland, Kentucky and either Baylor or SMU, seemingly depending on the direction of the wind, the Dow Jones and whether or not it is high-tide. The twins attended the NBAPA Top 100 Camp in Virginia recently, after their hopes to travel to Brazil with the USA Basketball U18 team did not come to fruition.

In the Kentucky-based paper, the Harrison did have good things to say about Kentucky.

"They put people in the NBA," he said. "I like the style of play and coach (John) Calipari lets the players play. It’s a business."

Therein defines the difference between Kentucky and Villanova. The SEC's Wildcats are a business, while the Big East 'Cats prefer to be presented as a family.

The twins will announce a decision around October 28th, their birthday. They haven't decided yet, however, and won't commit to naming any favorites on their short-list. They will sit down with their parents and talk things out before deciding, and that input may play a large role in their decision.

Before they can have that talk and make a decision, the twins have at least one more college visit to make. They are expected to come to the Main Line early next month to see the campus and facilities and to meet with Jay Wright and his staff.