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Video: Wayns works out for Sacramento


Maalik Wayns recently took his roadshow to the California capitol city to work out for the Sacramento Kings. Wayns has worked out for a number of teams and is getting enough interest that it seems he may legitimately end up working his way into being picked in next Thursday's NBA Draft.

If picked, Wayns is most likely to go in the second round, which does not come with a guaranteed contract attached. It is, however, an opportunity to get in the door and hopefully to catch on with a club.

Former Wildcat star, Harold Pressley was notably drafted in the first round by the Kings in 1986. He played with them until 1990, averaging 9.0 points and 4.5 rebounds per game. After the Kings, Pressley continued his professional career abroad, before returning to northern California to settle there.

(h/t - Fact on Nova Sports)