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Kyle Lowry soon to be a Raptor?

I hope Kyle Lowry likes Tim Horton's coffee, because it will be plentiful around his new digs in Toronto, if ESPN's Marc Stein is correct. Stein is reporting that the Rockets are close to a deal that will send Lowry to the Raptors. Details on what Houston will receive in the trade weren't fully available, but at least one future first-round draft pick will be a part of the deal.

Update: According to ESPN's Chris Broussard, the transaction is complete and the Rockets will receive a protected first-round draft pick.

The Raptors needed to acquire a point guard this off-season and initially had their hearts set on the Canadian-born star, Steve Nash, who completed a sign-and-trade move to the Lakers this week. Instead, it seems that they will take on the Philadelphian Lowry once the paperwork is completed.

Houston was forced to trade Lowry after their relationship with the guard soured this season and he saw his playing time cut in favor of the now-departed Goran Dragic after returning from an injury. Lowry was reportedly unhappy with his relationship with Rockets head coach, Kevin McHale, and issued something of a, "him or me" ultimatum to the organization. The Rockets failed in their attempt to re-sign Dragic (who went to the Suns), but are currently hot in pursuit of former Harvard star, Jeremy Lin.

Lowry has been working out at the Davis Center this summer and will be participating in the Delco Pro Am summer league on a team with Alvin Williams. Perhaps not coincidentally, Williams is currently the Director of Player Development for the Raptors and has maintained a very good relationship with Lowry over the years -- they also played together in the summer league in 2009.

Perhaps new Wildcat guard Dylan Ennis, who hails from the Toronto suburbs, can give him some pointers on where to go and what to do, once the trade is completed.