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Discuss: Ranking the Big East Coaches

Athlon Sports is opening up an interesting can of worms on this hot, humid July afternoon; Rank the Big East basketball coaches from top to bottom.

  1. Jim Boeheim, Syracuse
  2. Rick Pitino, Louisville
  3. Jamie Dixon, Pittsburgh
  4. Buzz Williams, Marquette
  5. Mike Brey, Notre Dame
  6. Jim Calhoun, Connecticut
  7. John Thompson III, Georgetown
  8. Jay Wright, Villanova
  9. Mick Cronin, Cincinnati
  10. Steve Lavin, St. John’s
  11. Kevin Willard, Seton Hall
  12. Mike Rice, Rutgers
  13. Ed Cooley, Providence
  14. Stan Heath, USF
  15. Oliver Purnell, DePaul

Their attempt to rank opens up a discussion point.

First of all, how is Jim Calhoun not in the top 3? or top 5? But more importantly, Buzz Williams, Mike Brey, and JT3 ranked ahead of Jay? (I can understand a toss up with Dixon)

What do you think?