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"All Signs Pointing" to Arcidiacono starting at the Point

Freshman Impressing Coach Wright

Independent Philly

This morning CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein noted some observations on this year's Villanova squad. The one that may open the eyes of Nova Nation is the play and prediction of Freshman point guard, Ryan Arcidiacono.

The legacy Villanovan missed his senior year of high school basketball after he had surgery to remove a herniated fragment in his back last December, but Head Coach Jay Wright told the media on Wednesday that it appears "he didn't miss a step".

The 6'3" Bucks County native brings toughness to the court every time he straps on his shoes. The coaches note that Ryan is "a complete player". He is not selfish but looks for his shot. More importantly, Arcidiacono added, "I want to be a tough Villanova guard."

It seems Wright agrees as he told Nova Notebook "His court sense, vision and uncanny shooting eye give him the opportunity to become the next great Villanova guard."

The freshman is ready to work for that title. Reports out of early training note he is ready to battle for a starting spot on the team may have the current edge over junior transfer Tony Chennault.

What are your thoughts? Surprised a freshman in Jay's system is getting early credibility to start at the point? Excited to see Ryan in a Villanova uniform?