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Is Villanova trying to woo Colbert again?

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Villanova was listed by Austin Colbert prior to his junior year in high school among a long list of suitors, but since then, it had seemed that the Wildcats had fallen off of his map. The talented local forward was previously down to a list of three schools.

Austin Colbert is a three or four star forward who checks in at 6-8, 205-pounds and hails from Gladstone, New Jersey, though he plays AAU ball for the Philadelphia-based Team Final. Villanova was involved with Colbert early in his recruitment, but seemed to turn their attentions elsewhere in the last year or so, with Colbert's name seemingly dropping off of the map altogether for the 'Cats.

Now, the Gill St. Bernard's forward has told, that he might be taking an official visit to Villanova. Associate head coach Billy Lange was dispatched to Gill St. Bernard's to watch Colbert play today.

Colbert had previously cut his list down to three schools: Miami, Illinois and Seton Hall, and it appears that the Wildcats are looking to make a late push to get back into his recruitment.

It makes sense that Villanova would take another look at Colbert. What the 2013 recruiting class is desperately missing is a player with the height to back up Daniel Ochefu at the 5. After Mouph Yarou and Mo Sutton graduate this Spring, the program will only have one player at 6'8" or taller, so adding another post player will be essential to ensuring that there is sufficient depth to make it through the 2013-14 season.

Whether they land Colbert or not — and expect him to receive an invitation to Hoops Mania if Lange is happy with what he sees — this seems to signal that the Wildcat's priorities for 2013 are now on the post. Colbert is a tall kid with the athleticism to become very successful before everything is said and done.

That said, he probably has to gain some weight to be truly effective defending against high-major centers. As a Freshman, he would likely be pressed into service early for at least a few minutes per game at the 5, to rest Ochefu and give him a chance to get a feel for the level of the game, but he will need to add some muscle in the long run.

On the plus side, he is able to play above the rim, he is a talented shot-blocker and may be able to guard multiple positions. His face-up game is also very good, and he has shown shooting range out to about 20 feet. He is very comfortable playing in the high-post as well.

Josh Hart mentioned that he would recruit for Villanova, it seems like he is already at it...